Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplement policies are designed to fill the medical bill gap between what the actual charges are for medical services and/or what medical charges are approved by Medicare, based on what supplement plan you choose.

When you contact our office to discuss your needs and what charges Medicare covers, we can provide you with an approved guide to purchasing a medicare supplement policy, free of charge. Medicare plans have been basically standardized. Each designated plan must provide certain benefits. We can discuss your choices.

We can review your rights to buy a medicare supplement policy and the various options available to you at medicare eligibility time. For the best experience, you should contact us prior to turning 65 so your options can be discussed and you have an opportunity to consider those options in your own timetable.

We, at The Insurance Exchange, can show you how to go thru this purchase experience in a very seamless and simple process. We have several companies to choose from, all rated A or better by AM Best.